Paballo Molahlehi

Ke Mo Afrika

The Problem with New-Age Racism

Unlike the subtle racism it encounters daily - the pretentious smile from a colleague in the corridor, the condescending remarks it’s expected to swallow like a "good black” ought to - its intolerance is more forthright.


Workwear for the Summer

If there is one thing most workaholics look forward to when the end of the year approaches, it’s the prospect of getting some much-needed rest during the festive holidays. Unfortunately for some, this prospect (like the monotonous New Year’s resolutions... Continue Reading →

Here’s to the Strong Women

I am so inspired by strong women. The women who have had to overcome many of life’s challenges without much help from their male counterparts; they have my respect. More so because I am fully aware of how difficult it has become... Continue Reading →

Gee, that’s an awfully high horse you’re sitting on Ntsiki Mazwai

When I logged on to Twitter this past Saturday and noticed that Ntsiki Mazwai was trending, I immediately knew it was for all the wrong reasons. After the new ANCYL leadership (which included one woman) was announced, Ntsiki decided to... Continue Reading →

A Killer Among Us

I have a sadistic nature. It’s a nature I’d rather those close to me remain oblivious to, but it exists nonetheless. It’s a trait I believe exists in most of us, although a majority refuses to acknowledge it. I remember... Continue Reading →

Keep calm, it’s #DezembaBoss!

If you are reading this then it means I didn’t make it. The ‘Dezemba, Boss’ fever got the better of me and I lacked the resilience to resist it. But in reading this, I hope that you will learn from... Continue Reading →

The Farewell Shag

“Why do I keep coming back to you?” he asked. “Because only I can give what it is you crave”, I grinned. He let out a sigh, almost as if to accept defeat before kissing me. Four months had passed... Continue Reading →

If Fear Had A Name

I can tell by the stench that it's near I battle to breathe as I fear arousing its attention any further Flip. I'm petrified but I refuse to let it be satiated by my fear It seeks retribution for the sin... Continue Reading →

A Product of the Kush

Third time's a charm, but under yo spell I was not This is how I got over... Desire is the most potent of potions Duped into taking a sip from a glass half-empty Yeah,could've been enchanted by yo artful wizardry... Continue Reading →

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