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To The Afrophobic Black South African Man

You say these aren't xenophobic attacks, but attacks on crime. Laughable. If that's the case, what of those who stole our natural resources for centuries.


The Other Side Of Rape They Don’t Tell You About

Rape is not always blatantly violent – in the sort of gruesome retelling of a fatal incident you'd see blasted on the front cover of a tabloid newspaper. The victim isn't always faceless, and the perpetrator isn't always a masked monster.

Ramblings of a proud monkey

The same term you have so often used to insult me an African “native”, I now reclaim. I do this because I refuse to give you any ounce of power over me, dear racist. I’ve let you have this false sense of superiority for far too long.

Dream the impossible dream

I think it sucks how we’re forced to sacrifice a purpose we develop from childhood because the concept of bills that need to be paid is much more real and present.

Some bridges need to be burned

Once you reach your mid-20s, you realize the importance of only associating yourself with like-minded individuals; people who share similar goals to yours, people whose vision and mantra are aligned with what you would like to achieve in your own life.

I am a Feminist: T&Cs Apply

I’ll pretend like I’ve never called another woman a bitch, accused her of being a whore, or contributed to her low self-esteem. After all, we’re a unified sisterhood; incapable of being malicious.

In Loving Memory: Emma

As I watched her coffin being drawn further into the earth, I made an oath to honour her memory by being true to myself. I promised that I would no longer be apologetic for choosing to live, no matter how many people disapproved of my decisions. I would confront and embrace my truth, and be bold enough to be emancipated by that truth as she did.

Why it’s so hard to leave a toxic relationship

I suppose that’s the thing with toxic relationships. No matter how hard the third party implores you to see reason, you won’t leave the relationship until you’re ready to leave.

Dear cigarettes – screw you

Never did I imagine that the experimental cigarette would lead to the control that cigarettes now have on my life. I never imagined that it would be nicotine I run to in order to deal with stress, anger and heartache.

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