I can tell by the stench that it’s near
I battle to breathe as I fear arousing its attention any further
I’m petrified but I refuse to let it be satiated by my fear
It seeks retribution for the sin committed against it
A subtle and unsettling whisper hissing, “I demand that you assist me”
I shake it off, consider the possibility of this being a hallucination
I’m being delusional – I write my mind off
I clearly need to rest, shut my eyes & armour myself with peaceful sleep – siesta
dont feed the fears

Except that it now begins to haunt me even at this time
So I lay awake & watch moving pictures avail themselves to a conscious nightmare
Sanity has become sublime
Find it hard to distinguish between the voices in my head & the silenced faces staring at me in real-time
Faces pale, modern versions of snow white but they give ME peculiar looks like I’m the mime
So my hysteria proceeds to entertain, eerie music in my head but this aint no pantomime
All along it sneers at me
It’s orchestrating, keeping mum about It’s master plan
And I the slave, cede and accept my fate
Hand shoved up my rear, my lips moving yet words are not my own
Bad’s got my tongue


Image courtesy of rebloggy