Third time’s a charm, but under yo spell I was not

This is how I got over…

Desire is the most potent of potions

Duped into taking a sip from a glass half-empty

Yeah,could’ve been enchanted by yo artful wizardry

But see,

Without my specs on ,images become blurry

Yo voodoo just fell outta sync


Your plots to have me drawn to you backfired

I should’ve fallen but Cupid missed

‘Air Midget’ is ageing & his aim just seems to come up short

He could’ve hit that if I hadn’t bent over for the one that came after you


Our love is ancient

He’s always had my back so I guess our love is true

Our chemistry keeps me grounded

Yet his lips intoxicate me,


Or perhaps I’m feeling light-headed from the foul odour coming outta Cupid’s diaper

Ag,love stinks.


Memories of US are ill-forgotten

I’m too sickened to try & salvage what’s left of the past

But you’re the savage cos the little respect I had left for you,you devoured

But mark my words nigga,you gon’ remember my name

Especially now that we seize to exist

Were the multiple orgasms part of the illusion?


And if Aphrodite is part of ancient Greek mythology

Then I suppose love is merely a series of generated ideas,

A preconceived notion whose manifestation we also imagined

And I suppose my glare didn’t really get yo one-eyed mamba hard (on some Medusa)

Nor were WE solid

Nor was our chemistry a formidable force calculated by nature

Nor were thoughts of regret that flooded my mind

The reason for me currently drowning my sorrows


While it’s agreed that you are likely to have been a figment of my imagination

I still wait for my heart’s emancipation

As abstract as the foundation of our union


Alas! The situation isn’t so black & white

The grey area’s that I occasionally want you to be my organ donor

Black on white

In living colour