Paballo Molahlehi

Ke Mo Afrika


July 2014

If Fear Had A Name

I can tell by the stench that it's near I battle to breathe as I fear arousing its attention any further Flip. I'm petrified but I refuse to let it be satiated by my fear It seeks retribution for the sin... Continue Reading →


A Product of the Kush

Third time's a charm, but under yo spell I was not This is how I got over... Desire is the most potent of potions Duped into taking a sip from a glass half-empty Yeah,could've been enchanted by yo artful wizardry... Continue Reading →

I Meant To Love You

So, Getting over you is taking longer than I anticipated. Here I am, still haunted by thoughts of you I tried, in vain, to filter them out by consuming excessive amounts of potent liquor But in my drunken stupor, I'd... Continue Reading →

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