He hit it from the back,made me see vivid images of angels draped in white silk

The melody strummed on their harps was equivalent to the rhythm of his thrusts

The nigger explored that never-ending tunnel so effortlessly,

Venturing deeper and deeper into it

His flashlight inside me had me envisioning a utopia right above the 7th star, where the 9th cloud resides.

He tapped it so good, I was screaming out his name as though I was under some form of intoxicating hypnosis

He had me thinking I could speak in tongues.

And when he hit the spot,he hit it thoroughly. . .effectively. . .armand-sagredo-tantra-yoga-nidra-

He penetrated it so intensely that the flood gates broke open,

Giving way to the tides of pleasure, and satisfaction of meteoric heights
The passion was elevated as I drifted into a blissful coma.
He nibbled on my neck and had shock waves  awakening all erotic senses

My body came to life!

He hit that spot again, profusely, with little remorse.
Orgasmic sensations drifted towards astronomic dimensions,

Leaving me breathless in-between a parallel universe,
Transfixed into a state of temporary paralysis.

You break me off so good nigger, that I just had to brag

I have saliva flowing out of my mouth in volumes with every inviting flashback I have

Of you steady rockin’ it to a numbed type of hibernation.
You have me coming by merely recalling these explosive moments



Image courtesy of Tantra Yoga Nidra