It’s 2014, and heaven knows how grateful most of us should be for being in this present moment – I know I am. 2013 was a tumultuous year to say the least, but there’s no need for me to go into detail about it; all I know is that substantial growth in my personal capacity took place and because of this evolution, I know I will never be the same again.

So instead of making the usual resolutions, I thought I should just take this opportunity to appreciate my life and the people I share it with. These individuals have all humbled me in ways I could have never imagined and I strive to be a better, more pleasant person because of that. I have taken a vow to be more trusting, more open to criticism and less defensive. I’m giving fear, insecurities and self-doubt the middle finger, and I’m going to try my damnest to be more forgiving.

I look forward to this year, I look forward to the challenges, the opportunities, ambitions, successes and seeing all that I have ever dreamed of come into fruition. More importantly, I look forward to strengthening my relationship with God and making myself available to the truths He will reveal to me as a result of my hunger for Him.

Here’s to bridges that need to be burned in order for me to see the horizon more clearly, and here’s to creating myself. Here’s to BEING.