I have been delaying writing something, anything really, probably because I felt I’d ran out of shit to write about. Ah, it’s been a minute – so this is my feeble attempt to pull myself (or thoughts in this case) towards myself.

I don’t even have a particular topic or subject in mind; no profound thoughts to share, no philosophical wisdom to impart; this is just me writing because I feel I have to. For the sake of my sanity perhaps… all these congested thoughts with no outlet to express themselves can prove to be quite toxic – my mind is cluttered. so I’m forcing myself to remember the reason I began writing in the first place, trying to find or at least to regain my initial love for the art.

So what’s on my mind? Plenty. The plenty, however, lacks substance at the moment; it lacks an angle, an introduction, a body, and a kick-ass climax. I blame lethargy and complacence, the bloody swine. Enemies of progression. Let me not get dramatic. My aim is to re-establish the knack I had for this, and hopefully create my thoughts, my feelings, my opinions, views, beliefs, perspective, etc., into a series of thought-provoking events (that hopefully make sense. Well, to me anyway.)

Here’s to embracing the written word, and here’s to hoping it reciprocates.