Paballo Molahlehi

Ke Mo Afrika


September 2013

When Love Leaves You Feeling Violated

She had cleansed her body a third time that day and yet she could not rid it of the filth; it was though it would be permanently engraved in her skin. She could still smell the potency of alcohol in... Continue Reading →


To Death

I love you to death broken beer bottle on the floor beside your lifeless body sharp fragments of glass in my grasp,a trail of blood seeping from your slit throat, washing away the debris of shattered dreams I love you... Continue Reading →

Touché My N****

I recently found myself engaged in what initially seemed like redundant small-talk till it spiralled into a heated and somewhat necessary “argument”. A well-spoken, well-dressed; pretty much well put-together black gentleman decided to call me out on my preference for... Continue Reading →

Self-Imposed Restriction

I have been delaying writing something, anything really, probably because I felt I'd ran out of shit to write about. Ah, it's been a minute - so this is my feeble attempt to pull myself (or thoughts in this case)... Continue Reading →

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